Our Customers

Onsite Developments began our relationship with Fulton Hogan in 1995 performing inspections for the North Shore City Council. We currently perform the road network inspections for all three of their Auckland Transport road corridor maintenance contracts. 
We have been delighted to support Liveable Streets in their Centre East road maintenance contract in Auckland. A new maintenance company formed by a HEB/Higgins joint venture, we have been working with Livable Streets since 2013. 
Onsite Developments currently provides the road corridor network inspections for Broadspectrum's Auckland North West urban maintenance contract in Auckland. We have also assisted them in sub-contractor audits and GIS mapping.
Electrix Ltd has been another long term customer of Onsite Developments Ltd. We have provided night time streetlight inspection services to Electrix since 2001 and were glad to assist them in winning the 2015 Auckland Transport North and West Streetlight Maintenance Contracts. 
Onsite Developments has provided a variety of services for Auckland Transport, ranging from footpath inspections with the Vigilant system and independent road network audits to RAMM GIS data correction.  
In 2016 we performed a 100% inspection/condition rating of Napier City's footpath network using the Vigilant footpath inspection system. We recorded 38,000 individual faults over 490 kms of footpath. The data was used to develop their 2017 footpath renewal program as well as identifying all the urgent safety issues for repair. 
​We perfomed a repeat inspection in 2018 which included all Parks pathways and their Limestone Cycleway network.
Early 2016 we performed a district wide footpath inspection/condition rating for Whakatane District Council. Using the Vigilant system, one inspector was able to capture all footpath issues in the district. 
We performed a repeat inspection of the district late 2017, noticing a significant improvement in the network.
Mid 2018 we did a full inspection of Waipa Districts footpaths, using two inspectors for the first time. We used this experience to streamline data sets (fault and image data) from the two inspection sources. 
In September 2018 we conducted a 100% inspection of Palmerston Norths footpaths. The combination of mostly asphalt footpaths with many tree root issues necessitated the development of new fault codes and measurements. 
We have performed a lot of work in Hamilton via the Infrastructure Alliance. Mid 2018 we did a full carriageway "All Faults" inspection using our voice recognition system and vehicle mounted cameras. In late 2018 we did a full footpath inspection with three inspectors. This was our largest single footpath project to date with over 1000kms surveyed. 
In late 2018 we did a full footpath inspection for Matamata Piako Council and assisted them in the validation of their RAMM footpath data.